Biggest Baby

Like giving birth to a mini-fridge


For privacy reasons, we will not show a photo of Chesner Abels. Instead, this photo is provided for illustration; because--at birth--Chesner Abels weighed more than this mini-refrigerator.   

Women with untreated diabetes can sometimes have enormous babies nearing 20 pounds--typically requiring Caesarean birthing procedures. We will not list such cases here. Rather, this entry is limited to healthy babies born via the “usual” method of giving birth.

The largest baby fitting these parameters is Chesner Abels, a girl who was born in March of 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa—with a birthweight of 7.34kg or 16.18 pounds.

Shortly thereafter, mother Cathleen Abels made one of the more unsurprising statements in history, emphatically declaring that Chesner would be her last child.

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