World Records

of Human Achievement

Fastest Human

Bolt +/- Bear

Oldest Human

The secret is chocolate

Tallest Human

Israel & (Michael) Jordan 

Heaviest Human

No. No. No.

Richest Human

Not Elon. Not Jeff.

Furthest Away

Deepest into deep space

Oldest Mother

Not a celebrity

Mother of Most

Most children, that is

Most Generations

Great great great great etc

Biggest Baby

Heavier than a small fridge

Longest Pregnancy

Examining the 12-month claim

Multiple Birth

Octomom yes. Nonomom no.

Identical Humans

It's no fun being a quint

Longest Dead...

...and then revived

First to Fly

Not the Wrights

Top Velocity

A kind of time travel

1st on Moon

Yes, it was Neil. But...

Inventor of Auto

TNT, Fred Flintsone, and Nazis

1st to the Top

Everest, top of the world

1st to the Bottom

Bottom of the sea, that is

1st to North Pole

Not Peary. A guy named Ralph.

1st to S. Pole

But he ate dogs, so...

Fastest on Land 

No plane-cars allowed

1st Anesthesia

Shocking moral failure

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