Identical Siblings

Shame on Karo syrup, and many others 


In this ad, the Dionne children were forced to shill for Karo syrup. It's hard to know which is more shocking: exploiting children for profit, or Dr. Allen Roy Defoe's claim that high fructose corn syrup is a healthy choice for kids.        

The greatest number of genetically identical children to survive infancy are the five Dionne quintuplets, born May 28th, 1934, in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada. The five girls (Yvonne, Annette, Cécile, Emilie and Marie) had an unfortunate childhood, forced to live in a room with one-way glass, while thousands of people paid an admission fee to gawk.

Today, individuals who are visible every hour of the day are called “influencers” and are often well-paid for their exhibitionism. The Dionne sisters received only a small fraction of the funds earned from their sideshow-like childhood.

As of this writing, Annette and Cécile are still alive. More correctly, as far as we know, the living sisters are Annette and Cécile, since all five women were genetically identical. While role-switching of identical twins is popular theme in Disney movies, the Dionne sisters generally resisted such temptations, except for one well-documented barn dance prank in when the girls were 17.

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