Most Living Generations

Note the lack of an accordian


The only known photo of seven living generations.    

In the year 1989, at age 109, Augusta Pagel of Medford, Wisconsin stood atop seven generations of offspring: a daughter Ella (aged 89), a grandaughter Anna (age 70), a great-granddaughter Betty (age 52), a great-great granddaughter Debra (age 33) a great-great-great granddaughter Lori (age 15) and a great-great-great-great-grandson Christopher (age 1 month). That’s seven living generations, the most ever recorded.

It’s unlikely Christopher ever sent Augusta a birthday card, because Hallmark has never produced a “Happy Birthday to my great-great-great-great grandma” card.

One might assume the women in this family have children at a very young age, but that’s not the case. Only one of the 6 mothers was a minor when she gave birth to the child who continued the generational chain. And Ella was nearly age 30 when she had her daughter Anna. The key to a multi-generational chain isn’t giving birth as a minor; it’s longevity. At 109, Augusta ranks among the oldest super-centenarians ever documented.

Her old age is especially surprising, given that her husband played the accordion. However, he died in 1952. Her second husband did not play the accordion.

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